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C37 feat. Martha Cudby

Your Hand In Mine

As the plane touched down in misty London, Inkognito was greeted by a close friend whose familiar face brought a wave of warmth and nostalgia. They embraced like long-lost companions, their laughter echoing through the bustling airport. With his friend by his side, Inkognito's journey took on a new dimension as they navigated the city's iconic streets, wrapped in a thick blanket of fog.

The centuries-old architecture stood as a testament to time's passage, and every corner seemed to hold a memory. Together, they walked along the Thames, sharing stories of their separate adventures and relishing the joy of being reunited in a place that held countless shared memories. The misty air seemed to carry whispers of old tales and new beginnings reminding them that even in a world of constant movement the bonds of friendship could be an anchor to familiar places, and that the joy of rediscovery was a unique adventure in itself.

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