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Maxim Kuznyecov, Andris Jasz

You Got Me

Hungary is famous of its beautiful women, crazy nightlife and amazing parties. No question - Inkognito really likes the country. On one of his travels to Budapest, he got invited to a rooftop party hosted by a rich local businessman who he knew from Dubai. The sun had just set behind the famous Citadella on Gellért Hill, while the DJ spun his first track. Suddenly Andris Jasz appeared with his saxophone on a VIP table which changed the whole atmosphere of the party. The night's guest performer DJ, Maxim Kuznyecov appeared behind the decks as well. Inkognito was happy to see him, as he knew him from Ibiza, where Maxim spent long years as a resident DJ in numerous clubs and bars. Them meeting again was like a sign from the sunset gods, and the record deal was made that night.

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