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Unfulfilled (Tom Noize Remix)

The Middle East is a unique gathering area in the world, a hotspot of different cultures. What's the chance that masterminds from Sweden and the UK meet a Hungarian producer/DJ under the umbrella of Inkognito? Jakob and Thomas, the names behind Leopld came to know Tom Noize through a friend of a friend. They realized that they are all fans of Depeche Mode and New Order, so what could go wrong from there? While Leopld is already an established name in Beirut as the European ambassador of electronic pop/rock, Tom Noize was recently nominated as 'Producer Of The Year' on Dubai's popular 978 Dance FM. The result contains elements from both worlds: deep and driving groove, dark pads, chopped vocal effects. If you had a cocktail in your hand, then make sure to drink it fast, before it spills.

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