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Gabriele Farina

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Inkognito is well known in his circles to have a fast-paced city life. Over the years, he has gathered the reputation of a party animal who is well versed with the nightlife of every city he has ever been too. However, only a handful of people know about his roots and his intense connection to nature. A younger version of Inkognito would have blues if he found himself far away from nature for a long period of time. Many of his earlier days were spent being one with nature - be it hikes on nature trails or seeking the best views of sunrises or sunsets around pristine lakes and valleys. He was quoted saying that when he is around nature, he personally feels like everything in the world is perfect and at utmost peace.

This is why it caught him by surprise when he first heard Gabriele Farina's tracks. It brought about the same feelings of oneness with nature that Inkognito yearned for. According to him, the feelings that he used to get were long lost, but the sounds that Gabriele uses in his songs made him feel like he was walking through the lush greenery of the most beautiful forest. This was mainly because Gabriele's inspiration for his music is his own backyard that has one of the most beautiful lakes of Italy. This inspiration is seen seeping from every instrument used in his tracks and had Inkognito hooked as an escape from his reality. This is what made him jump at the opportunity to release this 4 track EP with his signature brand. He has no doubt in his mind that these melodies will transport the listeners to their own natural wonderland.

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