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Tony Schwery



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Tony Schwery was born in Beirut in 1979. He was attracted to music at the age of 12 – when he started to collect all styles of music – as if he knew it was going to be his career. He started his DJ career in 1995. He used to play in all styles – although it was clearly defined that he's more into house and electro music, so this is where he started to put his focus and finally succeeded the most. His audience grew rapidly, once he started to perform outstanding house sessions on special events, on competitions and in the clubs he used to work for.

He believed that what make people like a DJ is the emotional connection with the crowd. In other words, Tony is considered to have a simple policy in his career:  Love music and share it with your audience instead of selling it. This was his key to his success and made him having his own style and his unique communication technique with his fans.

The talented lebanese DJ and producer has recently joined the Inkognito family. His monumental deep house anthem 'Babel' is already setting waves on the dancefloors across the UAE with the early support of the local DJs of Dubai. Wobbling sub basses and middle-eastern melody line - everything you need for a modern oriental experience.


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